Dear Compass Kids Families,

With the current state of life so greatly impacted by the COVID-19 Virus, our first concern is the health and safety of families, both physically and spiritually.

After much prayer, guidance, and preparation, we are excited to start taking our next steps in reopening our Compass Kids facilities & services. As of April 2021, Compass Kids has reopened for Sunday morning classes and we are planning our reopening for Wednesday night classes as well. While adhering to social distancing guidelines given to us by the Department of Health for Chicago, IL.


With so many families unable to physically attend service, we wanted to share with you our weekly Sunday School Bible Story Videos. Our prayer is that from home our children can continue their journey through the Bible discovering the Gospel. Please head to our “At Home Resources” page for more info.


As we are sure you would be aware, the Covid-19 pandemic is in a second-wave full swing.  It has been reported that our infections numbers are the same or worse than what it was in the Spring first wave. While treatment protocols have improved, the spread of the disease has not really abated.

To help keep our kids engaged, we also encourage you to incorporate family worship time. Below are some links to a few of our favorite worship songs at CK.

Worship AT HOME